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More Russian missile strikes continued on Friday, causing water outages in Kyiv and power outages across the country, as the EU formally imposed the 9th round of sanctions against Russia, endangering the lives of Ukraine’s civilians in winter conditions.

“We remain focused on the economy and those who play a decisive role in this brutal war,” said Josep Borrell, European High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security. “After food and hunger, Putin is now weaponizing winter and deliberately depriving millions of Ukrainians of water, electricity and heat. The European Union is responding to this latest escalation and war crime with a 9th round of tough sanctions,” Borrell said.

The European Union has published the content of the 9th package of sanctions against Russia, which was discussed and adopted at the summit of leaders. The package includes 200 new names of active participants in the war with Ukraine, 77 military personnel, including 12 members of the government, 42 Duma deputies, the chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and 9 judges, 30 members of the detachment. The Russian General Staff responsible for planning missile launches, 3 family members of Chechen President Vladimir, numerous prominent media representatives, including Putin’s ally Ramzan Kadyrov and the wife and relative of the oligarch Yuri Kovalchuk, host Boris Korchevnikov and director Nikita Mikhalkov were also accused of legitimizing the war against Ukraine and made to the sanctions list.

Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament

The package also imposed sanctions on 5 Russian political parties, including the Communist Party, United Russia, New People, the Liberal Democratic Party and Just Russia, as well as 23 companies associated with the Russian army.

Currently, there are 1,386 individuals and 171 organizations on the list of individuals and organizations whose assets were confiscated and whose visa ban was applied in the EU.

Export of drone motors to Russia is also banned

The package of sanctions also banned the export of drone engines to Russia and “all third countries that can supply it with these elements.” The purpose of this sanctions decision is to deprive the Kremlin of this weapon used against Ukraine. This measure was announced on Thursday evening it was approved at the European summit held in Brussels.

Brussels also prohibits EU citizens from “holding positions in the governing bodies of all legal persons, institutions or organizations owned or controlled by the Russian state and located in Russia.”

“Blind terror of the Kremlin”

On Friday morning, Ukraine came under renewed rocket fire from Russia, causing water shortages in Kyiv and power outages across the country. According to the Ukrainian military, a total of 74 missiles were fired from Russia, 60 of which were shot down by air defense systems.

Josep Borrell, EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security

Condemning Russia’s missile strikes against Ukraine, Josep Borrell said: “These strikes are yet another example of the Kremlin’s blind terror. These cruel and inhuman strikes are aimed at increasing suffering and helping the Ukrainian people, as well as hospitals, emergency services and other necessary electricity, heating and heat supply.” “These attacks are barbaric and at the same time constitute war crimes. All those responsible will be held accountable,” he said.

Borrell also noted that the EU and its partners have further stepped up efforts to provide emergency assistance to the Ukrainian people, which is needed to restore and maintain electricity and heating.

Croatian parliament refuses to train Ukrainian soldiers

On the other hand, the Croatian government failed to convince members of parliament to train their Ukrainian soldiers.

The European Union (EU) has announced that it has launched the largest military training mission in its history, which aims to train and equip 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers in different member states. On the issue dividing Croatian politics in two, President Zoran Milanović expressed a dissenting opinion, stating that the plan “would involve Croatia too much in the war”.

Prime Minister Andriy Plenkovych defended the deployment of about 100 Ukrainian soldiers, accusing President Milanovic of “pro-Russian views.” Lawmakers opposed the program, saying it would make Croatia a “target” for Moscow.

In a vote in the Croatian parliament, only 97 out of 151 MPs voted in favor of the bill, resulting in a two-thirds majority being required to pass the bill.

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