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The European Union adopted the 10th package of sanctions against Russia on the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine.

In a statement made by EU President Sweden on Twitter, “EU member states have together imposed the strongest and most comprehensive sanctions to help Ukraine in the war. The EU is with Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. support Ukraine at any cost.”

The package includes tightening export restrictions on goods used for both civilian and military purposes, as well as taking action against organizations that support the war, distribute propaganda, or supply UAVs used by Russia.

Two hours before midnight, EU countries approved the bill. Poland had previously objected to the bill.

Poland objected.

Warsaw said it would not have a practical effect because the number of goods that are not covered by the proposed EU restrictions on rubber imports from Russia is too large and requires a long transition period.

Other EU countries were surprised that Warsaw, one of the bloc’s leading anti-Russian adversaries, risked not declaring new sanctions on the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for just one item in a wider package.

For sanctions to come into force, they must be ratified by all EU member states. Because of this, negotiations between 27 countries are dragging on.

The EU said the 10th package of sanctions, which will be imposed on Russia from the start of the war, aims to make it difficult to finance the war and block Russia’s access to technical equipment and spare parts for weapons used against Ukraine.

The sanctions also mean blacklisting more people the West considers “Russian propagandists,” including those whom Kiev accuses of taking Ukrainian children to Russia and who it says manufacture Iranian drones used at the front.

Another goal of the package is to disconnect banks such as the privately owned Alfa-Bank and online Tinkoff from the global SWIFT system and reduce trade between the EU and Russia by more than 10 billion euros.

Speaking to the PAP news agency, Poland’s ambassador to the EU, Andrzej Sadosz, said that Warsaw had conditionally accepted a new package of sanctions based on six points.

Sados added that these conditions include EU and Council of Europe sanctions for the illegal transfer of Ukrainian children to Russia, as well as immediate work on a package of sanctions against Russia’s ally Belarus.

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