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Decision on the black ribbon at the championships from the International Gymnastics Federation– Morinari Watanabe, President of the International Gymnastics Federation:
“Like Turkey and Japan, we have a great friendship and a long history of helping each other. We support each other”
The board of directors of the International Gymnastics Federation has decided to use black ribbons with the Turkish and Syrian flags at the championships this year due to the earthquakes being called the “catastrophe of the century,” Watanabe reminded AA in a statement. that the sports community supports many earthquake victims after the earthquakes in Japan. Pointing out that earthquakes affect daily life, Watanabe said, “After the earthquake, it becomes more difficult to live here, people experience more stress. So how can we support? sports, especially gymnastics, they can teach gymnastics. They can do gymnastics together every morning. It’s important for your health, because I understand that it’s very hard to live here. and sports. For this reason, I have come here to work with the President of Turkish Gymnastics and the coaches on what we can do for the health of the people and society.” Emphasizing that what happened after the earthquake should be imprinted in their memory, Watanabe said, “People in Turkey and all over the world should not forget this. In a month everyone forgets, in a month even more people forget. We must remember and not forget that life is very difficult. We must continue to remember and support.” Watanabe stated that they will support the Turkish sports community. – Chelen: “Sports will help overcome this pain.” President of the Turkish Gymnastics Federation Suat Celen said that on the first day of the earthquake, Watanabe called him and shared his feelings. Noting that Watanabe said at their first meeting, “I don’t just share your pain, I want to come and see you,” Chelen continued, “Last week, the board of directors of the International Gymnastics Federation held a meeting, financial and gymnastic assistance was provided to both Syria, and Turkey, the decision was made by the relevant board of directors. A circular has been issued on the participation of all teams, from the referee to the coach, with black ribbons and Turkish and Syrian flags in the championships that will take place this year. That’s what it’s like to share that pain. You can overcome these pains with sports. It is very important that children get rid of this psychology by moving, especially through gymnastics. After stating that they had visited the earthquake zone, Chelen thanked Watanabe for her support. During the visit to Watanabe, Adana Provincial Youth and Sports Director Muzaffer Sintimar and Seyhan Municipality Deputy Mayor Gökhan Yuney accompanied.

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