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The crisis between Morocco and the European Parliament that erupted in early 2023 is growingTensions came to a head when the European Parliament recommended on 17 February that Moroccan lawmakers be barred from the European Parliament building in Brussels.The crisis between Morocco and the European Parliament (EP), which began with the adoption of a draft resolution on “human rights violations in Morocco” at the beginning of the year, continues to escalate. also release imprisoned journalists such as Omer Radi, Suleiman Raisuni and Tevfik Buashrin. On February 17, Moroccan deputies recommended that they not be allowed into the building of the European Parliament in Brussels. and tensions reached a climax. Here are the first signs of the crisis and the reaction of Morocco. European Union for Foreign Relations and Security. High Representative for Political Affairs Josep Borrell during his visit to Morocco on 5 January At a press conference after the meeting, Burita noted that Morocco “has been under attack and pressure in the area of ​​the judiciary and the media from European institutions, especially the European Parliament.” in Brazil, Morocco and Karabakh” were approved by 356 MEPs. 32 deputies also voted against during the voting. In a January 22 statement, Morocco’s Supreme Judicial Council condemned the draft European Parliament resolution and its positioning as the body that would judge the Moroccan judiciary. The Moroccan Assembly also did not remain silent, and in a statement after an extraordinary session on January 23, he called the decision of the European Parliament “an excess of authority and an encroachment on the sovereignty of countries.” At a press conference he held in the capital Rabat on January 31, he said that since 2016 there have been 420 attempts to pass rules against Morocco in Europe. He said that in 2022, 112 anti-Moroccan questions were submitted to the European Parliament. Noting that he had problems with the European Parliament, Haddad said that the chairman of the Joint Parliamentary Committee, Andrea Cozzolino, representing the side of the European Parliament, did not communicate with them, and his assistant did not respond to messages. that the attacks suffered by the country forced them to reconsider their relationship with the European Parliament. Alemi stressed that Morocco would not agree to be the subject of an auction in the European Parliament. On the same day, the Moroccan Assembly announced the formation of a parliamentary committee to evaluate relations with the European Parliament, a move that heightened tensions. While Qatar and Morocco denied the allegations, the European Parliament adopted a recommendation to ban Moroccan MPs from entering the European Parliament building. in Brussels on February 17, 401 deputies voted “yes” before the end of the investigation process. It has been stated that we are determined to fully investigate cases of corruption involving countries that are trying to influence countries. where is the rule of law? – Corruption investigation As part of an investigation by the Belgian authorities, in December 2022, searches were carried out in many places, 1.5 million euros in cash were seized and 4 people were detained. boyfriend Francesco Giorgi, who worked as an AP aide, and Niccolò Figa-Talamanca, director of an NGO working for the rule of law. Figa Talamanca was later released. Giorgi is said to have said in a statement that two MEPs Andrea Cozzolino and Mark Tarabella received money from Panzeri. Cozzolino and Tarabella, whose immunity was lifted on February 2, were detained a week later. It is alleged that these people received bribes from the Persian Gulf state to influence the economic and political decisions of the European Parliament. Qatar, which was mentioned in the news on the matter, denied the allegations. Later news claimed that Morocco also bribed these people; Moroccan intelligence and the Moroccan ambassador to Warsaw, Abderrahim Atmoun, were alleged to have met with the suspects.
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