The Central Bank of the Russian Federation does not expect profit in the sector this year – MIR


Alexander Danlev, head of the Department for Regulation and Analysis of the Central Bank of Russia, stated that losses in the Russian banking sector have been significantly reduced and said: “Probably the banking sector will not be able to turn a profit this year. ” said.Speaking to reporters in Moscow, Danlev said that at the end of the year they would announce the financial results of the country’s banking sector, emphasizing that in general this year is negative in terms of profitability, Danlev said: “The financial results are negative, but losses have significantly decreased. The banking sector will probably not be profitable this year.” Sberbank’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) German Gref announced the bank’s financial results yesterday for the first time since February 24, saying that they posted a net profit of about 50 billion rubles (about $810 million) in the 10 months of the year.

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