The barrier on the border of Poland with Belarus was extended to 181 kilometers – WORLD


The barrier on the border between Poland and Belarus has been increased to 181 kilometersPolish border guards reported that electronic barriers on the country’s border with Belarus were increased by 54 kilometers to 181 kilometers.According to the Polish news agency PAP, thousands of Belarusians tried to enter Poland illegally last year. Warsaw blamed the Belarusian government for the crisis and suggested that the crisis sent migrants from the Middle East and Africa to Poland with the promise of easy access to the European Union. (EU). As a result of the crisis, Poland built a fence on the border with Belarus, and then decided to equip it with electronic means of surveillance, including night vision. In a statement by the Polish Border Guard Service, electronic fences on the border of the country, the border with Belarus was extended by 54 km to 181 km. The electronic barrier is expected to cost PLN 343 million (€71.8 million).

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