The Austrian Search and Rescue Team was awarded the “Medal of Excellence”. Top news and events in EUROPE


At the ceremony, held with the participation of Minister of Defense Claudia Tanner and the Ambassador of Turkey to Vienna, Ozan Ceyhun was presented.

At a ceremony held in the city of Korneuburg, about 20 kilometers from the capital Vienna, 3 members of the team that rescued 9 people from the rubble in Hatay and treated 52 injured people spoke about the remarkable challenges they faced during the search and rescue work, which lasted about a week.

Speaking after various marches performed by an army band, Turkish Ambassador to Vienna Ceyhun noted that immediately after the earthquakes, the Austrian authorities and all his interlocutors, especially Prime Minister Karl Nehammer, declared that they were ready for all kinds of help.

Referring to the importance of the support and assistance of the experienced Austrian army team in the earthquake area, Ceyhun said that the Austrian expert team helped people in Turkey find hope and think positively, not only through the work they did in Turkey, but also through interviews with dozens of victims who lost all in one night.

Jeyhun said: “On my behalf, my president and our citizens of Turkish origin living here, I would like to thank you for the efforts made by the Austrian search and rescue team.” said.

“Friends of Turkey”

Emphasizing that the Austrian team helping people in difficult conditions in Hatay is a “friend” of Turkey, Ceyhun stated that the word “friend” has a special meaning for Turkish society and said: “People who helped us are always our friends.” . used the phrase.

Defense Minister Tanner also said that many people died and experienced untold pain during the devastating earthquakes in question, and thanked the Austrian team for helping those in need with great dedication during this difficult process.

Tanner said that many townspeople thanked them in various ways for the successful work of the Austrian army’s search and rescue team, and especially citizens of Turkish origin living here expressed their endless gratitude.

Referring to the importance of getting aid to the region as quickly as possible, Tanner shared information that the Austrian team left various equipment and tents they had taken with them in the earthquake area as part of humanitarian aid.

After the performances, Tanner presented medals to the Austrian team. Ambassador Jeyhun also met with the soldiers one on one and once again conveyed the gratitude of the Turkish people.

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