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A knife attacker wounded 6 people, 1 of whom was a police officer, at the Gare du Nord, the largest train station in Europe, in Paris, the capital of France. The suspect was neutralized after the police opened fire. It turned out that the attacker was an immigrant from Libya in his 20s, came to France 3 years ago and had a “deportation” decision.

In the attack, which took place at the North Station around 06:45 local time, a suspect with a knife-like cutting tool in his hand jumped on a passenger at the entrance to the station, injuring him in several pieces.

Later, a suspect who entered in front of the escalators attacked 5 more passengers. Hearing screams, 2 policemen from the station guard attacked the guard, who was identified as a border guard, and neutralized the attacker by firing 3 shots from their service weapons.

The attacker, who received a gunshot wound to the throat, and a passenger, who was seriously injured as a result of 15 stab wounds at the entrance to the station, were taken to the hospital after the intervention of ambulance crews. It was reported that 1 female and 4 male passengers who were victims of the attacker were slightly injured.

Minister of the Interior Herald Darmanin, who traveled to the scene, reported the attack: “At about 06.42 a man began to threaten people around the department with a cutting tool in his hand. station and inside and began to attack people. “He was neutralized by three shots fired by his officers. It all happened in just 2 minutes. If not for the prompt intervention, the losses from the attack would have been even more serious. I thank the police for their early and courageous intervention,” he said.

Gerald Darmanin, French Minister of the Interior

While the Paris prosecutor’s office took up an investigation into the attack with a claim of “attempted murder”, the anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office said there was not yet enough evidence to launch an investigation.

Fingerprint identified

Police were able to identify the suspect, who had no ID, by analyzing his fingerprints. According to preliminary investigation data, the attacker is a young Libyan immigrant born in 2000.

It was reported that the asylum application of the suspect who entered France 3 years ago was not accepted and the decision was made to “deport” him in the summer of 2022, 6 months ago. It was also announced that he has a police file for some common crimes such as “damage to private property”.

Eyewitnesses report that the assailant attacked those around him with extreme determination and extreme brutality.

the size of 11 football fields

Gare Du Nord, which is the largest train station in Europe and connects the northern suburbs of Paris with the city center, is visited daily by about 700,000 people. Gare Du Nord is also the starting point for EuroStar high speed trains linking England and France and high speed trains to Belgium.

Gare du Nord, from where 2,000 trains depart daily, is the equivalent of 11 football fields of 80,000 square meters and sections connected by hundreds of escalators. Moreover, since 2014 there is a police station in the center of the station. The police, customs police and security guards of the SNCF railway agency provide constant surveillance on a daily basis.

The fact that “immigrants whose deportation has been decided” is often behind attacks in France fuels anti-immigrant rhetoric in the country. Particularly far-right parties advocating the rapid deportation of illegal immigrants accuse the government of “taking insufficient action against criminal immigrants.”

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