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The Brazilian Navy has announced that a 1960 aircraft carrier that was banned from entering Turkish territorial waters as a result of environmentalists’ reaction on the grounds that it was carrying asbestos will be sunk in the Atlantic Ocean.

The 32,000th aircraft carrier Sao Paulo, heading to the port of Izmir Aliaga, after the reaction was towed by a trailer to Europe, but could not pass the Strait of Gibraltar and returned from the Strait of Gibraltar.

The Brazilian navy said in a statement that the ship had fallen into the water and was at risk of sinking, so it was not allowed to enter Brazilian ports.

Despite Brazilian Environment Minister Marina Silva’s request not to sink the ship, the navy has said it has no choice but to sink the ship to a depth of about 5,000 meters, 350 kilometers off the coast, in Brazil’s exclusive economic zone.

The Navy said in a statement that the area is remote from nature protection zones and there are no submarine communications cables in the area, and “given the deteriorating condition of the ship and the inevitability of her uncontrolled flooding, there is no other way out but to separate her hull and sink her in a planned manner” .

The Navy planned to sink the ship at sea on Wednesday, but prosecutors tried to prevent it from sinking in Brazilian waters, citing environmental threats, including tons of asbestos used in panels inside the ship.

On Wednesday afternoon, a federal judge denied a motion for an injunction, arguing that the Navy is weighing the environmental impact against other factors.

The 40-aircraft Clemenceau-class aircraft carrier served the French Navy under the name Foch between 1963 and 2000.

In Turkey, the government has announced that it will not allow the ship to enter Turkish territorial waters after several days of conservation measures. Asbestos, which is toxic, causes cancer and lung disease, and damages the environment.

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