The air of India and Sri Lanka is breathtaking! – WORLD

While Delhi, the capital of India, usually has dangerous levels of air pollution during the winter months, Mumbai, which has a large coastline and is considered to have good air quality, has surpassed Delhi in terms of air pollution.Experts say deteriorating air quality is linked to rapid construction, bad weather and vehicle emissions, with India experiencing “very poor” air quality recently. Indian government data shows air pollution levels in Mumbai are “very bad” while those in Delhi are listed as “poor”.Advice “Don’t go out unless absolutely necessary”The number of people who have breathing problems and suffer from poor air quality in Mumbai’s local hospitals is also on the rise. While doctors are advising people to wear masks and avoid going out unnecessarily, the authorities are taking important steps to improve air quality.Schools closed in Sri LankaHealth and environmental officials said schools were closed in many places due to unhealthy air quality in Sri Lanka. Management of risks. The expression was used by the Director General of the Health Service Asela Gunawardena, Noting that this situation will continue for another two weeks, he advised people to limit their time outside and use masks to reduce health risks.

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