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Taikonauts of Shenzhou-15 plan to return in JuneAccording to information provided by China’s Manned Spacecraft Administration, the China Space Station complex is operating stably in orbit. According to the plan, the Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft and the Shenzhou-16 and Shenzhou-17 manned spacecraft will be launched in 2023. This is the first mission after the Chinese space station was fully built and entered a new phase of implementation and development. At present, the Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft has been delivered to the Wenchang cosmodrome. Two crews of taikonauts were also selected to carry out two faithful flights. China adhered to the principles of peaceful use, equality, decisive benefit and common development, and was willing to make the space station a platform for scientific and technological cooperation and contacts facing China. It is expected that in this This year, the first series of pilot projects jointly selected by the Manned Space Administration and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UN) will be carried out and experimental research will be carried out on board the Chinese Space Station. On the other hand, China is also conducting a manned lunar exploration mission. Research into the key technologies for manned lunar exploration has now been completed. Various development activities will be carried out during the moon landing phase this year.

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