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The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that a team consisting of search and rescue officers, medics, engineers and 16 search and rescue dogs working for the Mexican Army has flown on a Mexican Air Force aircraft to support search and rescue efforts in Turkey.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard shared on Twitter information about sending aid.

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele also said that a group of experts and search and rescue teams, consisting of dogs, civil protection officers and firefighters, was sent to Turkey to assist in work in the earthquake area. A team of 100 people is expected to arrive in Turkey today.

Bukele also posted a message in Turkish on his Twitter account.

During the day, a group of experts on natural disasters and civil protection is expected to depart from Venezuela. There has not yet been an official statement about the composition of the team and the equipment being sent.

Other countries that have declared their readiness to send aid to the region are Brazil and Colombia.

The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that the government is ready to provide humanitarian assistance to the population affected by the earthquake through the Brazilian Cooperation Agency.

In Colombia, which has said it is ready to provide humanitarian and material assistance for search and rescue efforts, the Turkish embassy in Bogota has set up a collection point to transport victims of the earthquake.

Among the countries that express condolences and solidarity with Turkey in Latin America are Argentina, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Cuba, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras.

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