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North Korea has threatened to retaliate harshly if the US and South Korea continue military exercises. The United States and South Korea, on the other hand, continue to prepare for the annual exercise.

The North Korean foreign ministry statement accused the United States of escalating tensions in the region and using the UN Security Council to put pressure on Pyongyang at this point.

The statement argued that North Korea has avoided any military action other than routine exercises, but rather that US and South Korean exercises have created a whirlpool that has heightened tensions in the region.

“If a show of force and a response to everything with force was an option for the United States, the same was true for North Korea,” North Korea’s foreign ministry said in a statement released by state broadcaster KCNA.

In a blunt tone, the statement said, “If the military exercise plans announced by the United States and South Korea, which we refer to as war preparations, continue, they will face an unprecedentedly violent backlash.”

The North Korean administration also announced that if the United States continues to use the UN Security Council in this way, they will move to measures other than conventional military action.

The North Korean administration made the announcement two hours after South Korea announced it would hold military exercises next week.

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