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STM Signature for NATO Crisis Management Exercise– STM ThinkTech will participate in a NATO crisis management exercise with the “Integrated Elasticity Model” developed by NATO to support decision-making processes in the face of strategic shocks such as pandemics, various disasters, cyber attacks, power outages and large-scale loss of life. movement.ANKARA (AA) is Turkey’s first technology-focused think tank STM ThinkTech, NATO’s “Integrated Elasticity Model” designed to support decision-making processes in the face of strategic shocks such as pandemics, various natural disasters, cyber attacks, power outages and large scale, according to the statement. made by STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret AŞ, a company that has signed important engineering, technology and consulting projects and decisions under the leadership of the President of the Defense Industry, continues to support NATO with its decision support systems. Continues. STM ThinkTech is participating online in the NATO Crisis Management (CMX) exercise to be held from March 9 to 15, 2023, with its Elasticity Model and advisory services on the use of Aggregated Resili (Armed Forces Model) will be be used for the analysis and assessments to be made at NATO Allied Forces Headquarters Europe (SHAPE) regarding the readiness levels of civilian facilities and assets, and the support they can provide to military units, in accordance with the exercise scenario.“We will continue to offer Turkish solutions to NATO”STM CEO Ozgur Gülerüz stated that as STM they have been doing various engineering projects in NATO for many years and that STM has many years of experience in NATO. Recalling that STM ThinkTech has made 6 different exports to NATO in the field of decision support systems, Gülerüz said: “The integrated elasticity decision support model that we have supplied to NATO plays an important role in NATO training and exercises. Our model; This model, signed by our engineers and experts, will now be used in the Crisis Management exercise, one of NATO’s annual planned high-level exercises. where the state of infrastructure, facilities and capabilities and their potential to support military operations will be analyzed. We will continue to bring solutions developed by Turkish engineers to the headquarters and to the exercises of an international military organization such as NATO.”– Facilitates NATO decision-making processesIntegrated sustainability model; It was developed using a Systems Thinking and System Dynamics approach to support NATO’s decision-making processes in situations where strategic shocks occur, such as pandemics, various natural disasters, power outages, cyber attacks and large-scale displacement of people. what can happen, the possible consequences for civil and military systems are analyzed. In the developed model, the end effects of strike types on various infrastructures such as energy, transport, communications, and possible risks can be analyzed based on scenarios. NATO Crisis Management Exercise (CMX), one of the main tasks of NATO, Common Defense “is organized by NATO under the general scenario in accordance with the decisions taken at the summits of heads of state and government of NATO countries, in order to increase the capacity of “crisis management”. The exercise involves civilian and military personnel in the capitals of NATO member states, NATO headquarters and strategic commands.– Experience of STM in NATOSTM has previously carried out important high value-added engineering projects for NATO. the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency), responsible for the provision, installation and maintenance of communications and information systems for NATO decision makers and commanders; STM has won two important tenders for the direction, collection, processing and dissemination of intelligence within NATO. By signing the INTEL-FS2 project, STM began developing software for the NATO intelligence infrastructure. The software will be used to share intelligence between all NATO headquarters around the world. STM, which also carries out projects for NATO in the field of command and control, has successfully completed the NATO Integration Core (INT-CORE) project, which will significantly support situational awareness across the entire battlefield. command management includes command and control business processes to support the dissemination of the big picture, battlefield, mission and similar information. STM also implemented the NATO Mission Network Integration Core project in Afghanistan (AMN INT CORE). In addition, STM has signed a Maritime Security Goodwill Protocol with the NATO Maritime Security Center of Excellence.
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