Scandalous actions do not stop in Sweden!


New images have surfaced showing people walking on a poster of President Erdogan during a rally organized by supporters of the Swedish PKK.

While the reaction to the provocation of the burning of the Koran continued, another scandal occurred in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Supporters of the terrorist organization PKK continue to organize demonstrations against Turkey and President Erdogan.

According to CNN Turk; In the new image, people walk on a banner with a photo of President Erdogan during a demonstration organized by supporters of a terrorist organization in Sweden.


As a result of the action, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the following statements:

“We condemn in the strongest terms the authorization of an anti-state propaganda action by groups associated with the terrorist organization PKK in the city center immediately after the heinous attack on our holy book, the Quran, was authorized in Stockholm. capital of Sweden.

This action is a clear violation of the obligations of the Tripartite Covenant, which Sweden has also signed, to prevent the propaganda of terrorist organizations.

To say that we are bound by obligations in the Covenant of the Trinity and to fulfill those obligations are two different matters. We reiterate that we expect concrete and effective steps from Sweden that go beyond rhetoric, especially in the area of ​​combating terrorism, in accordance with its obligations under the Tripartite Testament.”

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