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Saudi Arabia: Our investment in Iran can be quickly realizedSaudi Finance Minister Mohammed al-Sedan said that after the agreement between Riyadh and Tehran, his country’s investments in Iran can be quickly realized.Sedan spoke at the International Financial Sector Forum, organized by the State Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. Stating that there is an opportunity for Saudi investment in Iran, Sedan said he does not see any problems in the beginning of this investment. Sedan emphasized their commitment to the agreement with Tehran. He pointed out that the Saudi Arabian authorities signed this agreement as part of the steps to stabilize the region, meet the needs of the people, ensure investment and prosperity.“Iran is a neighboring country and will remain so for hundreds of years”Noting that his country’s investment in Iran could be quickly realized after an agreement was reached between Tehran and Riyadh, the Saudi minister continued his words as follows: “Iran is a neighboring country for us and will remain so for hundreds of years. normalization of relations with Iran, especially in the field of investment, development and economy. I don’t see it. We and Iran need stability.”– Iranian-Saudi relationsOn January 2, 2016, 47 people were executed in Saudi Arabia on charges of “terrorism”, including Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr. In Iran, demonstrators set fire to buildings. Diplomatic relations between the two countries, which were already tense due to the Yemen, which began in March 2015, were completely cut off. Officials from Iran and Saudi Arabia met in Baghdad in April 2021 for direct talks. After that, negotiations mediated by Iraq continued. Riyadh and Tehran agreed to resume diplomatic relations on March 10, through Chinese authorities in Beijing, after 7 years.

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