Russian economy pays heavy losses from war – MIR


Russia, which has been fighting on the territory of Ukraine for a long time, the sanctions of the West and the economic difficulties that came with the war began to have a stronger effect. Hardly enduring the heavy burden of the war, Moscow in July for the first time since 1918 fell into a state of insolvency.The latest report released by the UK Department of Defense announced that Russia has acquired 12 billion euros by selling bonds. WAITING FOR THE SECOND RESSIONThe country’s economy officially entered recession last week after contracting 4.1 percent in the second quarter of this year and then another 4 percent in the third quarter. kept the country afloat this year, but are now largely under US and EU embargoes and revenues are expected to decline in 2023. year and enter the second recession in three years. The decline is faster than previously predicted and, unlike the Covid-19 recession, exit is said to be more difficult.

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