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Polish President Andrzej Duda was operated on by phone at night when all the world leaders held their breath with concern “Is NATO going to war” when a rocket fell on Poland. Two well-known Russian actors, Vovan and Lexus, impersonated French President Emmanuel Macron, trapping Duda.

On that night, when it was not yet clear whether the missile belonged to Russia or Ukraine, Russian figures who managed to reach Duda, who met one after another with NATO leaders, imitated the voice of Macron and asked the Polish President for details on “who dropped bomb”…

The Russian version of YouTube posted a seven-minute recording of Vovan and Lexus, who are known for running around on the phone with world leaders in an attempt to imitate Macron’s French accent on Rutube.

In the audio recording, Andrzej Duda starts the conversation, giving details in a friendly tone: “Oh, good afternoon, Emmanuel! Thank you for calling. As you probably know, the situation is very complicated. A rocket fell on our border with Ukraine this afternoon. … This is a Russian-made rocket, but who launched it is not clear.”

Duda: I spoke with Stoltenberg. I stated that I want NATO Article 4 to be implemented. I also spoke to Biden.

Russian actors: Biden blames Russia?

Duda: No, Biden said nothing of the sort. He said he would send American specialists.

Russian actors: Did Biden say it could be a Ukrainian missile and not a Russian one?

Duda: I don’t know, I don’t know. Biden and I agreed on a study by a group of joint experts.

Russian actors: What is Zelensky’s position, does he blame Russia?

Duda: Vladimir blames Russia for this and says that he is sure that Russia has abandoned him. I’m too careful. I don’t blame Russia without evidence. This is war. Anything can happen.

Russian actors: I assume you don’t want an escalation between Russia and NATO, Andrzej?

Duda: Emmanuel, do you think I want NATO and Russia to be tense? Trust me, I’m too careful. I chose item 4, not item 5. Trust me, I’m very, very careful.

Worried that his country will go to war, Duda says in the recording that he is “not sure if the bomb belongs to Russia” in an agitated voice and “in English, choosing his words carefully.”

In the 7-minute recording, which was listened to by hundreds of thousands of people on social networks, Andrzej Duda explains in detail to his interlocutor that there is no evidence that the missiles were launched from Russian territory.

“Emmanuel, trust me, I don’t want a war with Russia, and trust me, I am very, very cautious,” Duda says, especially about the possibility of a war with Russia.

When asked by the fake Emmanuel Macron about “Russian speculation that Ukraine is preparing to use dirty bombs,” the Polish president replied: “I’m more afraid of some problems with nuclear power plants in Ukraine. I’m more afraid of a nuclear catastrophe.”

To the insistent questions of the actors, in which a Russian accent is increasingly felt, about Ukraine, imitating Macron, Duda is suspicious after the seventh minute and ends the meeting with the words “Thank you, thank you, have a nice day.”

Statement of the Polish Presidency

Vovan and Lexus had previously managed to fool Duda by impersonating UN Secretary General António Guterres in July 2020 when Duda was elected president. Two Russians on behalf of Guterres celebrated Duda’s election victory.

After making a statement about the second trap, the Polish chairman confirmed the phone call.

The statement said: “The meeting took place at a time when the president was meeting one by one with NATO leaders. President Andrzej Duda realized that this could be an attempt to mislead his addressee from an unusual side, and ended his speech. “

The presidium also noted that an investigation had been launched to find out how Russian officials managed to get in touch with Duda.

Duda is not the first

The two comedians, whose real names are Aleksey Stolyarov (Lexus) and Vladimir Krasnov (Vovan), claimed in 2016 that they ruled President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in imitation of then Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, a claim that Ankara denied.

Vovan and Lexus are two Russian entertainers who make a name for themselves by playing private pranks against public figures and politicians.

Artists who have managed to fool Emmanuel Macron before; singer Elton John has also managed former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

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