Researchers set the date for the appearance of table and wine grapes


Researchers set the date for the appearance of table and wine grapesA joint study of 89 scientists, including Chinese, proved that the domestication of different ecotypes of wild grapes occurred simultaneously in Western Asia and the Caucasus about 11,000 years ago, table and wine grape varieties appeared.The results of the study were featured on the cover of the journal Science. According to the article, the grape was distributed throughout Europe with early farmers in Western Asia, intertwining with ancient Wild West ecotypes. Then, in the late Neolithic, along human migration routes, muscat and the unique western wine grape diversified into their ancestors. Analysis of domestication traits also reveals new insights into selection for fruit taste, hermaphroditism, musky taste, and skin color.

Professor at Yunnan Agricultural University. Dong Yang and his team collected about 5,000 grape genetic resources from around the world, spent three years analyzing the genome, and mapped the reference genome of cultivated vines. The team stated that their findings support functional genome research and grape breeding.

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