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After the crash of a Thai Navy warship, search and rescue operations continue. Teams racing against the clock try to reach the sailors who survived the sinking ship with search and rescue ships from the sea, helicopters and drones from the air.

Finally, today a serviceman was rescued alive from a ship that sank due to a four-meter wave and bad weather conditions. At the first stage, 75 sailors were rescued from the sinking ship. Authorities said they have not yet found traces of 24 sailors. Some sailors are said not to have life jackets. During the latest searches, the bodies of 5 sailors were found.

“We finally rescued one person 41 hours after the ship sank and he was alive. Therefore, we believe that there are still living sailors,” said Chonlatis Nawanugraha, commander of the Thai Navy.

But officials say today may be the last day to find surviving sailors, a race against time.

Helicopters, two unmanned aerial vehicles, 4 warships and a C130 cargo plane are involved in search and rescue operations. The weather in the region is reported to be improving.

It is known that the sinking ship of the Thai Navy was an American-made, operated since 1987 and has a crew of 105 people.

Most of the sailors were rescued before the ship was completely submerged. However, it is claimed that there are many people who fell into the water and were not wearing life jackets. The sailors’ families are also waiting for the missing soldiers to be found.

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