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PARIS. The French capital, Paris, is hosting two separate conferences on Ukraine’s winter resilience and restructuring.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who co-chaired the conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, asked participating countries for “urgent 800 million euros” in assistance to meet their energy and electricity needs.

Representatives of 46 countries and 24 international organizations such as the UN, EU, IMF and the World Bank take part in the conference at the level of the prime minister, foreign affairs and ambassadors from all over the world.

The meeting was co-chaired by Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, who attended an online meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission that determines EU assistance to Ukraine, also personally attended the conference. Zelensky was represented in the hall by his wife Olena Zelenskaya and Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shimal.

Representing Turkey, Parisian Ambassador Ali Oner sat at the same table with Macron, Elena Zelensky, Denis Shimal, Annalena Burbock and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Macron: “Russia has chosen a cunning strategy”

The host, Emmanuel Macron, who was the first to speak at the meeting, said that the Ukrainians “want to help them stand up this winter against Russia, which is acting cowardly and whose goal is to bury them in darkness and cold.”

Criticizing Russia with the words “Russia, which has revealed military weaknesses, has chosen a cunning strategy aimed at destroying civilian infrastructure in order to bring Ukraine to its knees,” Macron criticized Moscow, “trying to break through in the back because it cannot hold the front, acting cowardly, to sow terror among the civilian population.”

“These actions, which Russia has openly acknowledged, are not only aimed at undermining the resistance of the Ukrainian people, but are war crimes and will not go unpunished,” the French president said.

Emmanuel Macron, often criticized for his persistence in negotiations between Moscow and Kiev, openly added that “Ukraine itself must determine the conditions for a just and lasting peace.” Macron called Zelensky’s “10-point peace plan” “an excellent foundation on which we can build peace together.”

“We are sending 63 new generators to Ukraine”

Emphasizing that this conference “supports the ability of the Ukrainian people to withstand winter conditions”, Macron said that France provided Ukraine with 48.5 million euros, which were identified as emergency winter aid within the conference, and a total of 200 euros. million euros.

He noted that 15 million of this assistance will be used for access to energy and electricity, 14 million for health infrastructure, 5 million for water access and 8 million for transport infrastructure. “This assistance will also enable the transportation of 63 new large power generators and several transformers, especially in the very short term. This is in addition to the 100 generators delivered in November,” Macron said.

Saying that they have set up a “Paris Mechanism” in countries that will help within and outside the EU in order to better coordinate international assistance, Macron said that this mechanism will work to meet Ukraine’s needs more efficiently and quickly by contacting aid points in each country. . Noting that before the conference, the participants allocated 400 million euros, Macron said: “I hope this figure will increase after the conference.”

Zelensky asks for 800 million euros in aid

Zelenskiy, who was connected to the conference room from a giant screen after Macron, asked participating countries for 800 million euros for their urgent electricity and fuel needs.

Explaining the situation in Ukraine in detail with numbers, Zelensky said that Ukraine had built a decentralized power supply system and explained that “generators have become as important as armored vehicles and bulletproof vests.” He thanked France for helping the generator.

Zelenskiy said: “We will do everything we can to counter power outages and energy terrorism. Most of our power plants have been damaged by bombings, our engineers are forced to disconnect millions of Ukrainians from the power grid every day. urgent assistance is needed in the energy sector.”

Power outages due to Russian attacks on infrastructure affect millions of Ukrainians across the country.

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