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Nassau cruise port renovation in the Bahamas is in its final stages
“Nassau will be the largest port in our global network when work is completed at the end of May. We expect our passenger numbers to increase by 50 percent.”
ISTANBUL (AA) – Renovation work at Nassau Cruise Port in the Bahamas, which is a subsidiary of Global Investment Holdings and the world’s largest cruise port operator Global Ports Holding (GPH), will be completed by the end of May. , which was repaired by another Turkish company, Enka İnşaat, was completed at the end of May. Together, it will be able to handle three Oasis-class ships at the same time, as well as other vessels. renovation work in progress from Turkey, new terminal, seaside park, port village, new inner harbour, amphitheater, Junkanoo museum. It will include shops, restaurants and a theatre.– Mehmet Kutman hosted the first iftar with workers at a construction site in the BahamasMehmet Kutman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Investment Holdings and Global Ports Holding, who was inspecting the repair work at the port, also held the first Iftar of Ramadan at the construction site with the participation of 300 Turkish employees. Caner Board Member Cevdet Akçalı, Global Ports Holding Regional Manager Mike Maura, Americas Regional Manager and Nassau Cruise Port General Manager, Aziz Gungor, Global Ports Holding Eastern Mediterranean Regional Director, and Enka İnşaat Project Manager Ertan Sahin, stating, that they expect a contribution of $16 billion. dollars, he said they are very happy to work with cruise lines and business partners, as well as with the people of the Bahamas. This will be a great port. We expect the number of our passengers to increase by 50 percent,” he said.

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