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The World Health Organization (WHO) has said it is moving aid quickly to the region, taking advantage of a temporary easing of sanctions on Syria to ease the distribution of humanitarian aid.

“WHO, along with our partners, is moving very quickly to capitalize on this pause in sanctions,” said Rick Brennan, director of emergencies for the Eastern Mediterranean Region at WHO.

“We have already begun ordering equipment and supplies, and we will be working in partnership with our United Nations partners to take advantage of this pause in sanctions,” Brennan said.

According to the UN, the earthquakes that occurred in Kahramanmarash on February 6 caused the death of 4,525 people in Syria. The area where the massive earthquake hit in Syria is made up of areas controlled by opposition fighters fighting against Bashar al-Assad.

The risk of an epidemic arose in connection with an earthquake in northwestern Syria.

WHO representatives reported that the organization has stepped up its activities to supply the country, especially the northwestern regions, with a stock of antibiotics, painkillers and trauma medicines, as well as medicines for non-communicable diseases.

Katherine Smallwood, WHO senior emergency officer for Europe, said the organization is restructuring its distribution channels in Syria and that they have sent 139 tons of additional medical supplies, including antibiotics and surgical supplies, to earthquake-hit areas.

WHO officials said they are also trying to improve water quality and hygiene in northwestern Syria. The WHO said that with 1,70,000 doses of cholera vaccine on hand, they aim to reach the most disadvantaged populations by the first week of March.

After two major earthquakes in Kahramanmarash on February 6, the flow of aid to Syria was cut off and the WHO warned of the humanitarian crisis it would cause. An earthquake in northwestern Syria, where a civil war has been going on for about a decade, also caused heavy losses and heightened fears of a humanitarian crisis.

Two additional border crossings have been opened in recent days after the delivery of aid to the region dominated by the opposition in Syria was disrupted. After the approval of the Syrian government, the number of border crossings through which aid entered northwestern Syria was three, according to UN officials.

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