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Prince Harry’s long-awaited new book, Back Up, is out in the UK and around the world. In his book, 38-year-old Prince Harry describes his experiences after the tragic death of his mother, Princess Diana, and his disagreements with his older brother, Prince William.

In England, some bookstores have opened at midnight to sell a book called “Spare” and meet the high demand.

Some chapters became the subject of media discussion even before the 410-page book was released.

In one of the recently leaked parts of the book, where Prince Harry recounts his memories, there were details of the moment of the quarrel that escalated into a fight with his brother Prince William.

Prince Harry talks about his emotional struggles following the tragic death of his mother, Princess Diana, when he was 12, and his differences with his older brother, Prince William, as well as his reaction to the royal family’s treatment of him as a “prince in reserve” “.

The book also includes allegations that Prince Harry begged his father not to remarry, that Prince Harry was on drugs due to a panic attack, and that his therapist helped him overcome years of unresolved trauma.

There are also some details about how Prince Harry killed 25 members of the Taliban and lost his virginity while serving as a soldier in Afghanistan.

Royals absent for “thank you”

According to news about the book in the British press, it is notable that the names of members of the royal family have been removed from the acknowledgments section of the book.

Harry, who stepped down from his royal duties after marrying his actress wife Meghan Markle, was interviewed by ITV before the book was released, and the interview was watched by more than 4 million people.

So far, there have been no statements or comments from Buckingham and Kensington Palace regarding the allegations in Prince Harry’s book.

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