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Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stere said Turkey has the right to fight terrorism.

Speaking at a joint press conference in Berlin with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Store said: “When a threat arises, Turkey has the right to fight terrorism.” said.

When asked by a journalist about Turkey’s deportation operations, Store stated that they respect the fact that, in principle, Turkey could also face security problems, but that they should ask all parties to avoid military operations that would lead to tension.

Emphasizing that his country supports the membership of Sweden and Finland in NATO, Store said that with the membership of the two countries in Europe there can be collective security.

Storeh said he expects all NATO members to approve the membership of the two countries.

The Prime Minister of Norway also used the following statements regarding the protection of the power structure underwater:

“This is about the safety of power plants. I don’t want to draw a sharp line here between water and water. We are talking about gas pipelines, telecommunications infrastructure, fiber optic infrastructure and others. this infrastructure.

Scholz’s request for a “coordination office”

German Chancellor Scholz said they want the underwater energy infrastructure to be jointly protected with Norway under NATO auspices, and that they demand the creation of a “coordination office” within NATO to protect the underwater infrastructure.

“Pipes, telephone cables and internet connections are vital to our states and must be protected in a special way. At the very least, the attacks on the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines have shown how big the risk is,” Scholz said. said.

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