People call for evacuation in flood-hit Burketown in northwest Australia – WORLD


People have called for evacuations in flood-hit Burketown, northwest Australia.In the northwestern Australian city of Burketown in Queensland, authorities have asked people to leave their homes after a rapid rise in flood waters.The town of Berkshire warned in a statement today that flood waters could be dangerous for residents of the region if they rise further. Statements have been used. It was noted that it had been decided to cut off the electricity supply on the grounds that the sewer systems might be blocked. Queensland Police said on Twitter: “Due to the ongoing flooding, an emergency warning has been issued for those living in Burketown. All residents are asked to leave their homes.” Police also shared a video of people being evacuated by helicopters from the city, which is already inundated due to flooding. According to local press, 150 people have been evacuated from the flood-hit city so far. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology issued a major flood warning yesterday in the area .

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