On March 18, the Day of Victory and the Martyrs of Çanakkale was held in Austria – WORLD


March 18 Canakkale – Victory and Martyrs’ Day in Austria.In Vienna, the capital of Austria, on March 18, on the Day of the Martyrs and the 108th anniversary of the naval victory in Canakkale, the memory of the Galician martyrs and those who died as a result of the earthquake in Kahramanmaras was commemorated.The commemoration program in the capital started at the Central Cemetery, where 131 soldiers who were wounded on the Galician front and then tortured in Vienna are buried. Turkish Ambassador to Vienna Ozan Ceyhun, Permanent Representative of Turkey to the UN Ambassador of the Vienna Office Permanent Representative of Turkey to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Levent Eler, Ambassador Hatun Demirer, diplomats and mission staff visited the graves of the martyrs and left carnations, stressing that the victory was one of the most important turning points in Turkish history.– Galician martyrs buried in ViennaDeclaring that the debt to the martyrs will never be paid, Jeyhun said: “However, we want to visit them on this momentous day, pray for their souls and express our endless gratitude from ourselves and our future generations.” Jeyhun, who said that the Ottoman Empire suffered the biggest losses in World War I outside its territory, on the Galician front, said that 12,000 soldiers were martyred along with nearly 33,000 well-trained Turkish soldiers.– Mausoleum in memory of the martyrsEmphasizing that the Turks value their history and are not a nation that draws enmity from history, on the contrary, he believes in the unification of history: “We want to preserve the memory of our soldiers who gave their lives to defend Austria-Hungary. from enemy attacks. According to him, the visit to the cemetery ended with the reading of the Koran and prayers.– Program at the embassyThe Turkish community living in Austria took part in the program held in the conference hall of the Embassy of Vienna. Also in the program, pianist Burcu Gundogdu performed the folk song of Canakkale. The program, which also included photographs of the war in Canakkale, ended with the prayer of the souls of the martyrs and who died in earthquakes.
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