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In the referendum in Chile, I voted “no” to the new constitution, but “no” to the new constitution.Chile has a new constitution that includes articles such as half of its civil servants are women, recognizes 11 indigenous communities in the country, defines Chile as a “multinational country”, lowers the age of a presidential candidate from 35 to 30, and legalizes abortion.61,9 % of those participating in the referendum voted against. In Chile, 61.9% of the participants in the referendum on the introduction of a new constitution voted “no”. those who wanted the constitution to come into force was defined as 38.1%, while the proportion of those who did not want it was defined as 61.9% Thus, the current constitution, prepared under the dictator Augusto Pinochet and repeatedly times, remained in force. Recognition of 11 indigenous communities in the country and characterization of Chile as a “multinational country”, lowering the age to run for president from 35 to 30 years, legalizing abortion, abolishing the Senate and replacing it with the Chamber of Regions, water resources “can not belong” to overcome water crisis The new constitution consisted of 388 articles, including the granting of the status of national waters and the creation of the National Water Agency. A referendum decided whether to rewrite the constitution in 2020, and a committee to write a new constitution in the 2021 municipal elections was elected by popular vote. one of the main demands of protesters at anti-government demonstrations called “social explosion”. Chile’s constitution, written during the reign of dictator Pinochet, is seen by some as “the legacy of a dictatorial regime” and “a major source of inequality.” It is believed to protect an economic system that does not provide adequate opportunities for healthcare, education, and retirement due to privatization incentives.

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