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The United Nations, while saying they would make an emergency call for Turkey’s earthquake relief funding, said: “We have reached the final stage to urge Turkey to provide emergency funds.” At his daily briefing, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric noted that an emergency fund could be sent to Turkey within a few days, but made no statement about the amount of assistance.

A spokesman for Dujarric said that after the devastating earthquakes, millions of people across the region struggled to survive, were left homeless and forced to fight the cold.

When do you plan to announce an emergency summons of a journalist to Turkey? To his question, Dujarric replied: “Perhaps as soon as possible in the coming days.”

Dujarric said the UN has stepped up its relief efforts in the region since the earthquake and said: “We continue to mobilize emergency teams or carry out relief operations in both Syria and Turkey in terms of what is happening on the ground. Humanitarian activities are rapidly gaining momentum. “Priority needs have been identified, such as heavy equipment for debris removal, medical supplies, housing, heating, food and other items, including sanitation facilities,” he said.

“Aid to Syria in connection with the earthquake continues to increase”

UN spokesman Dujarric said that after Turkey, the amount of aid delivered after the earthquake in Syria increased: “According to the latest updates, the first convoy of 11 trucks belonging to the International Organization for Migration (IMO) and northwest Syria, one of two additional crossings we we transport non-food products transferred to. In addition, 26 truckloads of medical supplies purchased from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the International Organization for Migration (IMO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) crossed from Turkey to northwestern Syria. The total number of aid trucks passing has increased to 58,” he said.

Noting that the number of people affected by the earthquake in Syria is 9 million, Dujarric said: “More than 4.2 million people in Aleppo and more than 3 million people in Idlib were affected by the devastating earthquake. More than 7,400 buildings were destroyed or damaged in northwestern Syria. Today, 37 tons of emergency supplies were airlifted to help treat 465,000 cases in Syria. In Aleppo, UNICEF is providing drinking water and helping nearly 60,000 internally displaced persons in shelters and affected areas. The World Food Program has already distributed prepackaged hot meals to 60,000 people in Aleppo and Latakia. After the earthquake, more than 70,000 people used protection services, 10 active child protection centers and 15 mobile teams are operating.

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