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European Union (EU) Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic said 10 EU member states had given a positive response to Turkey’s request to send search and rescue teams and announced that the images had been transmitted for damage assessment via the Copernicus satellite system.

Lenarcic met with members of the press, including the Turkish VOA, accompanied by EU Ambassador to Turkey Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut in Brussels.

Noting that Turkey joined the EU civil protection and assistance mechanism in 2016 and that it is one of the 8 participating member states, excluding EU member states, Lenarčić stated that Turkey has requested a search and rescue team from the EU mechanism since 04: 00 local time. time today.

In this context, Lenarčić, explaining that it was decided to send search and rescue teams by 10 EU member states as of 11:30 local time in Turkey, said: “Turkey has made three requests and today’s request is its third request. The EU Member States are currently responding to this requirement. So far, aid has been sent by the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, the Czech Republic, France and Italy. However, other EU member states will respond positively to this requirement in the coming hours. These countries are sending search and rescue teams. Because Turkey has said that it urgently needs search and rescue teams in populated areas. This call was answered. I am confident that the number of countries that have responded to this call will continue to grow throughout the day.”

Lenarčić stated that they shared detailed images of all the earthquake-hit communities in Turkey with Ankara-based AFAD with the EU Copernicus satellite system and said: “It is a very useful system. He sees satellite photos of the earthquake damage. You can clearly see the extent of the damage up close. It helps in search and rescue work. He helps the authorities in Turkey. We share satellite imagery here,” he said.

Noting that all countries in the world can apply for the EU aid mechanism, Lenarčić said that Turkey joined the mechanism in 2016 and is a participating country that plays an active role and transfers aid. “Turkey has made a significant contribution and has not spared its support,” Lenarcic said, adding: “Ukraine is currently receiving the longest and most comprehensive support under our mechanism. Ukraine has made 130 requests in different categories, it is, as you know, subject to the brutal war of Russia.”

When asked about the Greek Cypriot side of the EU member (Cyprus), Lenarcic stated that at this stage, Cyprus did not send any information to send aid, and therefore Turkey did not reject it.

Statements to the EU from the regime of Damascus in Syria have not yet been received

Explaining that there is information that Syria was hit by an earthquake in Turkey, but there is no information about what exactly happened abroad, Lenarcic also said that Syria has not yet applied to the EU mechanism.
EU Commissioner Lenarcic also indicated that there could be no attempt to help the Turkish state to help the Syrians.

Emphasizing that they know that Syrians are living in hardship in the earthquake-hit region of Turkey, Lenarcic said: “Among EU aid, the refugee program is the most comprehensive. There is also an ECHO office in Kahramanmaras for these aid organizations. As for helping the Syrians in the region, we don’t deal with humanitarian aid with governments. We create the necessary assistance with UN agencies, the Red Crescent, the Red Cross and international aid organizations. Wherever the Syrians are, we deliver aid there.”

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