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After the US yesterday announced it was resuming joint patrols with the Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF today announced it was resuming joint patrols and exercises.

Speaking to Reuters, SDF spokesman Simand Ali said that after the Turkish air operation against the region eased, they resumed joint patrols and exercises with the coalition over the weekend.

“At the moment, the atmosphere is semi-positive and allows us to conduct joint operations, but we do not know how long these operations will last, given the possibility of ground operations,” Ali said.

The US says it understands NATO ally Turkey’s concerns in Syria but opposes a ground offensive and that Turkish attacks directly threaten the safety of US personnel.

Last week, the SDF announced that they had stopped all coalition-led counter-terrorism operations in Syria following an air operation carried out by Turkey and against a possible ground operation.

Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder also said in an earlier statement that the mission to fight ISIS continues, but the number of joint patrols with the Syrian Democratic Forces has been reduced.

The US-led coalition has been supporting the SDF with airstrikes, military equipment and training since 2017, ensuring that the fight against ISIS continues.

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