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Will relations between Washington and Beijing, which have been tense in recent days, lead to conflict? This question was asked by US Assistant Secretary of State Wendy Sherman. “We don’t want conflict,” Sherman said, recalling that 50 percent of the world’s cargo passes through the Taiwan Gulf, adding that any conflict in the region would affect the entire world.

Tensions between Washington and Beijing have risen in recent days over unidentified objects in the skies of North America and the descent of a Chinese bubble previously suspected of being a spy.

Even the dates of a possible conflict between the two countries are given.

In recent days, a note by four-star US Air Force General Mike Minihan has been reflected in the American press.

In the note, Minihan states that he predicts war with China in 2025 and asks his team to be ready.

US Air Force Commander Charles Brown Jr., responding recently to a similar question, declined to give a date and said it was his duty to always be prepared for such a situation.

The same question was asked by Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman at a panel she attended at the Brookings Institution from the civilian wing.

Sherman said, “We don’t want conflict,” but made it clear that the United States could also be involved in the event of a Chinese attack on Taiwan, emphasizing the importance of the Taiwan Gulf to the global economy.

Wendy Sherman said, “Many people in the world and Americans don’t know that 50% of shipping somehow passes through the Taiwan Gulf. Therefore, if there is a conflict in the Taiwan Gulf, it will not only be a security problem for Asia, but also a problem for the economic security of the whole world. “I think the whole world has realized that with Vladimir Putin’s frightening invasion of Ukraine, a conflict in one part of the world is affecting the rest of the world,” he said.

Stressing that the same would happen in the event of a possible conflict in the Taiwan Gulf, Sherman urged all countries to tell China that it would affect their own peoples and countries, and that this was not a good idea.

Sherman also noted that the United States is committed to supporting Taiwan’s ability to defend itself.

Earlier, President Joe Biden said America would defend Taiwan with its military.

Referring to the fall of a Chinese balloon on the country’s southeast coast on February 4, Sherman said that China claimed that the balloon was a weather balloon, but this is not true, and concerns about this were directly conveyed to Beijing.

It is stated that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken may meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Munich Security Summit. To this question, Sherman replied that today there is no new information that could be disclosed on this issue.

The US Deputy Secretary of State also said that China’s increased cooperation with Russia was also a concern and urged other countries not to support Russia.

China poses America’s biggest security threat despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to the Pentagon’s new defense strategy.

The United States recently reached an agreement with the Philippines on 4 military bases and this has led to comments that Washington is besieging Beijing in the region.

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