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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of National Defense Hulusi Akar spoke on the phone.

In a written statement issued by the Pentagon and the US Department of Defense regarding the meeting, Lloyd expressed his condolences to Akar for those who lost their lives in the November 13 attacks in Istanbul and the attacks that took place in southern Turkey and stressed the importance of the strategic relationship between the United States and Turkey.

The statement said:

“Austin also expressed concern about the escalation in northern Syria and Turkey, including recent airstrikes that directly threaten the safety of US personnel working with local partners in Syria to defeat ISIS. Minister Austin called for a de-escalation and shared the ministry’s strong opposition to Turkey’s new military operation in Syria.

Article 51 reminder from Akar

This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey.
It was noted that during the meeting between Akar and Austin, bilateral and regional defense and security issues were discussed.

At the meeting, Minister Akar stated that Turkey and the United States are two important allies and stated that “anti-terrorist operations are carried out within our rights of self-defence stemming from Article 51 of the United Nations Charter to ensure the security of our people and our borders.”

Stressing that cooperation and solidarity in the fight against terrorism will contribute to regional and global peace and security, Akar said that they are ready to cooperate against ISIS and all other terrorist organizations, and that the only target in operations are terrorists and that there cannot be and speeches about harming coalition forces or civilians.

Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder said earlier that a possible Turkish ground operation in Syria would “seriously” jeopardize gains made in the war against ISIS and called for restraint.

A statement issued the day before by the White House said that “they do not want to see actions that will lead to great loss of life inside Syria and endanger the lives of Americans.”

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