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Syrians living in the Nizip region of 200,000 in Gaziantep, one of the provinces hardest hit by the Kahramanmarash earthquakes, take refuge in parks and wastelands.

As of this morning, on the 4th day of the earthquake, which killed 12,873 people and injured 62,937 people, search and rescue operations continue, and citizens living in the region cannot return to their homes, fearing another earthquake.

In some regions, AFAD tents have begun to be set up, and in places where help has not yet arrived, people are setting up shelters where they can live on their own.

Syrian refugees who came to Turkey after the civil war in their country, this time set up their tents because of the earthquake.

The Syrians living in Nizip live with their families in tents they have set up in the Ottoman Park.

While stating that they did not want to speak in front of the camera out of concern, Syrian earthquake survivors used the following expressions:

“We jumped out at the first moment of the earthquake. We live on the street for 4 days. In the early days, we tried to make do with cars or other crowded places, thinking that this crisis will end and we will return home, but when we look at the situation, it seems that it will take longer. We started pitching tents. Some of our relatives remain in truck trailers. We came here to escape war and devastation, years later we are again on the streets and in tents. There was an earthquake in our country, the situation of the people living there is now worse, we are grateful for our own situation.”

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