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Krisjanis Karins, Prime Minister of EU member Latvia, said Turkey, Kazakhstan and Armenia were being used to circumvent sanctions against Russia.

Speaking in the capital, Tallinn, after talks with the leaders of EU member states Estonia and Lithuania, Latvian Prime Minister Karins said: “It seems quite clear that trading companies have found some ways to sell goods legally. For example; Goods are sent back to Russia through countries such as Turkey, Kazakhstan or Armenia because these countries do not comply with the sanctions,” he said.

Karins argued that the growth of Europe’s trade with these three countries was disproportionate compared to the past.

The Prime Minister of Latvia did not provide any evidence of the alleged violations of the sanctions and details of the products sold.

Latvian Prime Minister Karins said: “One of the solutions is to work with these countries so that they also comply with the sanctions. The second is to pass a law that will criminalize sanctions violations across Europe in order to close existing gaps,” he said.

“A complete ban on trade with Russia should be considered”

Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte and Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas also said that a complete ban on trade with Russia should be considered in order to prevent sanctions violations.

The Foreign Ministries of Turkey and Kazakhstan did not comment on the words of the Latvian Prime Minister Karins.

The Armenian Ministry of Economy also did not respond to requests for clarification.

While condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Turkey sent armed drones to Kyiv. Turkey opposes sanctions against Russia and maintains close relations with its Black Sea neighbors Moscow and Kyiv.

Turkey has recently expanded its trade and tourism activities with Russia. Some Turkish companies bought or tried to buy Russian assets after the withdrawal of Western partners due to sanctions.

Sanctions on the agenda of US official’s contacts with Turkey

Brian Nelson, Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, spent two days negotiating first in the capital Ankara and then in Istanbul to impose sanctions on Turkey.

Two days ago, the US Deputy Secretary of State held talks on the same issue in the United Arab Emirates.

The U.S. Treasury Department’s written statement regarding its meetings in the UAE states that Deputy Secretary of State Nelson met with senior government officials, representatives of the UAE Central Bank, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Economy.

The talks focused on the UAE’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing system, including virtual assets, gold and real estate.

Under Secretary Nelson’s contacts emphasized that the Treasury’s focus was on preventing violations of US sanctions against Russia and Iran and expressed its determination to take other steps against those who violate or tolerate sanctions.

The US Treasury Department has not yet received a new statement regarding Deputy Secretary of State Brian Nelson’s contacts in Turkey.

The Biden administration has targeted the Russian defense industry and the mercenary company Wagner as part of the sanctions announced last week. The US Treasury Department announced this week that they are targeting a network that aims to violate sanctions placed on Russia and that is said to operate in various countries.

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