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Reporters Without Borders (RSF) announced the balance of journalists who have been “arrested, kidnapped and lost hostage”, as happens every year. Turkey, which in previous years ranked first in the “prisoned journalists” category, this time was not among the countries with the highest risk for journalists.

While China, with 110 imprisoned journalists, is declared the world’s largest “journalism prison”, Myanmar is in second place with 62 journalists, Iran is in third place with 47 journalists, Vietnam is in fourth place with 39 imprisoned journalists, and Belarus with 31 journalists. in fifth place.

According to RSF, 533 journalists are imprisoned worldwide in 2022.

Turkey found its place in the balance thanks to an operation against Kurdish journalists in June.

Referring to the arrest of three female journalists and a media worker in June as a result of accusing the media outlets they work with of being close to the PKK in the balance sheet, Safiye Alagas, news director of the Jin News website, who was accused of “promoting a terrorist organization” in 2019.

Onderoglu: “Turkey, apart from the top five, as one of the “most imprisoned countries”, has made it clear that it is returning to its old bad habits”

Erol Onderoglu, a spokesman for Reporters Without Borders in Turkey, said the June operation against Kurdish journalists raised fears that Turkey was returning to “the bad old days.”

In response to questions from the Turkish Voice of America, Onderoğlu said: “The mass arrest of 16 journalists and media workers in Diyarbakır in June caused us to ignore the basic values ​​of justice, such as a fair trial, as in the past cases of Oda TV, Cumhuriyet. or the Sözcü newspapers and more. This brought him back to the times he believed when he relied on operations with a political core. Even if Turkey is not the country that sent the most journalists in the world to prison, as it was six years ago, it has signaled that it is returning to its old bad habits by becoming one of the “countries with the most prisoners” of the top five. “.

“The censorship law will be able to target any news that those in power can deny with the help of political protection”

Onderoglu said the “censorship law” that came into force in October, though not yet implemented, poses a danger to journalists.

An RSF spokesman in Turkey said: “In a media environment where the authorities talk about ‘domestic and national’ journalism, reward and punish accordingly, persecute journalists they deprive of information, and issue a ‘disinformation bulletin’ at the highest level, this means that a long way has been traveled in one discourse. The censorship law will cover not only any discourse expressed from an opposition point of view, but also any news that can resonate with the public and that the powers that be can refute with the help of political protection. Therefore, the “truth” of the strong will be imposed on the other. We cannot attach any other meaning to this regulation,” he said.

“57 journalists killed, 65 media representatives taken hostage, 49 journalists missing”

The balance sheet published by RSF shows that in 2022, 57 journalists were killed, 65 members of the media were taken hostage, and 49 went missing.

Reporters Without Borders, headquartered in Paris, shared with the public in a press release that in 2022 there was a serious infringement of the rights of journalists, only 36.4% of detained journalists were convicted, and the remaining 63.6% were not prosecuted. to criminal liability.

Deloar: “Dictatorships and authoritarian governments are accelerating the process of filling their prisons with journalists”

RSF general secretary Christophe Deloar said the increase in arrests of journalists is aimed at freedom of information and pluralism.

“Dictatorships and authoritarian governments are pursuing an accelerated process of filling their prisons with journalists. “This new record increase in journalist arrests confirms the urgent need to confront these unscrupulous forces and act in active solidarity with all those who defend the goals of news freedom, independence and pluralism.”

The number of detentions of female journalists has more than doubled in 5 years

In the balance sheet published by RSF, separate information was given about female journalists. In 2022, it was announced that the number of imprisoned women journalists worldwide was 78. Compared to 2021, the number of detentions of male journalists increased by 11.2 percent, and the number of arrested women journalists increased by 27.8 percent compared to the previous year.

Regarding the detained women journalists, the number was determined to be 78, the statement said: “RSF has never reached such a high number of detentions of women journalists, which increased by 30 percent compared to 2021.”

Five years ago, the proportion of female reporters arrested was 7 percent, and in 2022, that figure has risen to over 15 percent.

China, where 19 women journalists have been detained, is followed by Iran (18), Myanmar (10) and Belarus (9), where pressure on journalists has intensified due to the actions of Masha Amini.

Mexico, Haiti and Brazil lead in killings of journalists

According to RSF, eight journalists were killed while covering the war in Ukraine that began on February 24 in six months. Among them were Ukrainian photojournalist Mark Levin, who was executed by Russian soldiers on March 13, and Frederic Leclerc-Imhoff, a reporter for the French TV channel BFM, who was injured by shrapnel while watching the evacuation of civilians.

Of the 57 journalists killed this year, 11 were killed in Mexico, 6 in Haiti and 3 in Brazil.

Another notable piece of data in the balance sheet is that French journalist Olivier Dubois, who has been in the hands of a group close to al-Qaeda in Mali for 20 months, and 65 journalists and media workers are being held hostage in different countries. .

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