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Reuters news agency reported that Turkey has recently built police stations in the village of Sararo in northern Iraq, the number of police stations in the region has increased, forcing the villagers to flee.

“When Turkey first came to the region, they set up small portable tents, but in the spring they built brick and cement outposts,” Sararo Mayor Abdulrahman Hussein Rashid told Reuters during a visit to the village in December.

Rashid also stated that “Turkey has drones and cameras operating 24/7 in the region and knows everything that’s going on.”

A Reuters report on the origins of the village of “Sarora” reported that analysts note that “Turkey’s offensive on the northern border of Iraq, whose population is declining, does not attract much attention in the world and could cause destabilization of the region.”

“The number of police stations is increasing every year”

Jabar Manda, the former general secretary of the Peshmerga forces, said Turkey had 29 outposts in Iraq until 2019, but that number has increased as Ankara tried to thwart PKK attacks.

“The number of outposts is increasing every year after the escalation of clashes between Turkish troops and the PKK. Helicopters supply outposts every day,” Manda said.

A Kurdish official who wished to remain anonymous said Turkey has about 80 outposts in Iraq. Another Kurdish official said that at least 50 police stations have been built in the past two years and that the Turkish presence is becoming more and more permanent.

The Turkish Defense Ministry, which was asked to comment on its bases in Iraq, said its actions here are in line with Article 51 of the UN Charter, which gives member states the right to self-defense if attacked.

The ministry, which said “Our fight against terrorism in northern Iraq is being conducted in coordination and close cooperation with the Iraqi authorities,” did not respond to questions about the number of police stations given by the Kurdish authorities.

“At least 800 villages have been evacuated since 2015”

According to the International Crisis Group, 1,180 PKK members were killed between 2015 and 2023, according to a report that says Turkey is trying to prevent civilian casualties in coordination with Iraqi authorities.

At least 800 villages have been evacuated in clashes since 2015, when a ceasefire agreement between Turkey and the PKK was broken and thousands of people fled their homes, according to a spokesman for the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KRG).

Reuters also quoted Kurdish officials as saying that Turkey’s presence “increases the risk that Iran will step up intelligence operations inside Iraq and conduct its own military actions.”

“PKK is the main reason”

“We ask all foreign military groups, including the PKK, not to drag Kurdistan into any kind of conflict or tension,” said PKK spokesman Jotiar Adil.

“The Kurdistan Workers’ Party is the main reason that pushes Turkey to infiltrate our territory in Kurdistan. That’s why we think the PKK should leave,” Adil said.

PKK Prime Minister Masrour Barzani also told Reuters that the conflict between Turkey and the PKK is worrying but less important than the threat of ISIS.

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