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U.S. intelligence agencies have said the war in Ukraine is slowing down and they believe it is likely to continue this winter.

However, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes noted that there was no evidence of weakening Ukrainian resistance.

Haynes stated that both sides would make adjustments and supplies for a counterattack in the spring.

The war in Ukraine is now in its ninth month, and Russia has lost more than half of its territory.

Speaking at a forum in California, Haynes noted that currently the war in Ukraine is going on in the east of the country, mainly around Bakhmut and Donetsk.

Saying that the conflicts have slowed down since Russia withdrew its troops from the west of Kherson, Haynes said the pace of clashes is declining and they expect this to continue in the coming months.

Haynes also said US intelligence doesn’t believe Russian President Vladimir Putin has a full grasp of the challenges his military is facing at this juncture.

The Director of National Intelligence drew attention to the lack of ammunition, demoralization, supply, logistics problems in the Russian army.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelensky called “weak” the decision of Western allies not to buy Russian oil for more than $60 a barrel.

Zelensky noted that this decision would not cause significant damage to the Russian economy.

This decision, taken by Western countries regarding the sea transportation of Russian oil, comes into force from the first day of the new week.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that Moscow is ready for this step and will not sell its oil at such a price.

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