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According to the UN International Labor Organization (ILO) report “Employment and Social Prospects in the World: Trends 2023”, instability and slowdown in global employment growth will negatively affect and worsen human working conditions and social justice.

The latest report from the International Labor Organization states that finding good jobs will become more difficult: “The economic downturn will force workers to take lower quality jobs. A decade of progress against poverty has stalled during the COVID-19 crisis. Despite a recovery starting in 2021, people’s chances of finding better jobs in 2023 are likely to decline.

“Global unemployment will rise”

The report predicts that global employment growth will remain at 1 percent in 2023, less than half of the growth seen in 2022. It is stated that global unemployment will increase to 208 million people and 5.8 percent with the addition of approximately 3 million unemployed in 2023.

The slight increase in the forecast is largely due to labor shortages in high-income countries. It is noted that the decline in global unemployment observed between 2020 and 2022 will be reversed. The report says recessionary conditions threaten productivity and labor market recovery.

“Three negative factors acted simultaneously”

The ILO said that the main reasons for the deterioration of the global workforce are the recent geopolitical tensions, the war in Ukraine, the growing imbalance in the recovery between countries after the global epidemic, bottlenecks in global supply chains, “All these factors combined, for the first time since the 1970s Recession , high inflation and low growth also had an impact, fueling the negative effects.

“The situation of women and youth is more difficult”

The latest report from the International Labor Organization notes that the position of women and youth in the workforce has deteriorated significantly, with a global labor force participation rate of 47.4 percent for women and 72.3 percent for men in 2022. The difference of 24.9 percent was stated to mean that for every male who is not in the labor force, there are two women who are not in the labor force.

It is noted that young people experience great difficulties in finding and maintaining decent work, and the youth unemployment rate is three times higher than that of adults. The report indicated that 23.5 percent of young people have neither education nor employment data.

Commenting on the latest report, International Labor Organization Director Gilbert F. Hungbo said: “There is an urgent need for more decent work and social justice. “If we are to face such multiple challenges, we must work together to create a new global social contract.”

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