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In Peru, 5,000 tourists were reported to be stuck in protests that began after President Pedro Castillo was fired from his Congressional post on December 7 and sent to jail.

Due to ongoing protests in many parts of the country, the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport in Cusco has been temporarily closed to flights.

Due to the fact that the airport, which became the target of the demonstrators, has been closed since December 12, 5,000 tourists continue to wait in various hotels.

Thousands of tourists visiting Peru’s most important ancient tourist city, Machu Picchu, are said to be unable to reach the airport due to road barricades and curfews.

On the other hand, it was noted that tomorrow the municipality of Machu Picchu will carry out an operation to evacuate foreigners from the tourist region by four helicopters.

Speaking to the local N channel, a Spanish tourist told the authorities: “We demand that they put us on a plane so that we can go to Argentina.” used the phrase.

The death toll during the demonstrations rose to 20 people.

The Peruvian Ministry of Health said in a statement that 20 people have died and 63 people are being treated in hospitals during ongoing protests in various cities across the country.

The news in the country’s press reported that the number of injured exceeded 500 people, and more than 150 demonstrators were detained.

New President Dina Boluarte’s proposal for an election in December 2023 was defeated in a Congressional vote.

Deaths lead to 2 cabinet resignations

In connection with the death of people during the protests, the ministers of culture and education, sworn in 6 days ago, announced their resignation.

Education Minister Patricia Correa, in her resignation letter addressed to Boluarte, recalled that she came to this post to guarantee the right to education of all Peruvian students within a democratic and institutional framework.

“Our country is facing a major political crisis that threatens democratic beliefs, respect for order, and the physical integrity and life of every Peruvian citizen who has been brutally abused in the past few hours. I am irrevocably resigning from the post of minister. education,” Correa wrote in his letter. used the phrase.

Culture Minister Jair Perez, in his resignation letter to the President, drew attention to the loss of life during the protests and said:

“The unfortunate events in the country, the irreparable loss of my brothers make my stay in your government unstable. I unconditionally resign as Minister of Culture.”

The protesters demand the resignation of Boluarte, the release of Castillo from custody, the closure of the Congress and the immediate holding of elections.

Dismissal of Castillo

Former Peruvian President Castillo was impeached by Congress on charges of “permanent moral incompetence”, accusing him of overthrowing the government.

The decision to remove Castillo from his post was taken at the plenary meeting on December 7 by 101 votes in favor, with 6 abstentions and 6.

The reason for the decision to remove Castillo from office was “an attempt to usurp state functions, obstruct the functioning of state power and violate the constitutional order.”

Pedro Castillo was detained after his decision to dissolve the Congress and form a national emergency government.

Proposal for early elections

Vice President Boluarte was sworn in on 8 December as the country’s new president following Castillo’s removal from office.

In a December 11 statement, Boluarte indicated that this political conflict was not healthy for the country and said: “In a few days, I will submit a proposal for an early election to Congress. As president, I have a duty to obey the will of the majority.” used the phrase.

Declaring a state of emergency

The government declared a 30-day state of emergency across the country on December 14 due to violence and protests.

Boluarte, on the other hand, on December 14 called for a dialogue of demonstrators who had been protesting his resignation for several days.

The United Nations (UN) said in a December 12 statement that violence has intensified in ongoing anti-government protests in Peru and is concerned that the situation could worsen.

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