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President Joe Biden said Ukraine is “strong” as the first anniversary of the Russian invasion approaches, and Moscow will never be able to defeat Kyiv.

Speaking in Warsaw, Poland’s capital, Biden said the United States and its partners would announce new sanctions against Russia this week because of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, which began nearly a year ago.

Noting that Kyiv held out a year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin had underestimated Ukraine.

“Yes, we will stand up for sovereignty, and we did it, yes, we will stand up for democracy, and we did it,” President Biden said, referring to the support of Ukraine by the United States and its allies.

Using the phrase “Putin thought NATO would fall apart, but NATO is more united than ever before,” Biden said Russian President Putin is facing stronger democracies today.

“Support for Ukraine will not be cut off, NATO will not be divided,” Joe Biden said in his speech. “The needs of autocrats cannot be compromised, they must be resisted,” Biden added.

“The United States will hold a NATO summit next year”

“Russia will never be able to win in Ukraine, never,” Biden said.

Noting that the West is not planning an attack on Russia, President Joe Biden praised Poland’s support for Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion.

Declaring that next year, when the military alliance turns 75, the US will host a NATO summit, Biden said: “We will defend every inch of NATO territory, NATO is solid as a rock.”

“There can be no doubt that the US commitment to our alliance with NATO and Article 5 is very strong,” Biden said.

Referring to the NATO principle that an attack on a member is an attack on all members, President Biden said: “Every member of NATO knows this. Russia also knows that an attack on one means an attack on all.”

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