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Germany has announced that earthquake survivors will be able to “quickly” obtain a three-month visa and be able to visit their relatives in the country. A statement was made today on the details of the application.

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman said the visa application process for earthquake victims should be as “pragmatic” as possible, and said that those who have a passport and who have received an invitation from their relatives in Germany will be able to come to the country in very short time.

The spokesman said that the number of employees in all German representations in Turkey has been increased and that applications can start from today, and that this aims to issue visas within 5 days to those who submit the required documents.

What are the conditions for obtaining a fast visa?

Proof of “first and second degree” relationship will be requested from a person in Germany; In addition, he will be asked to declare that he is able to take care of the earthquake victim, whom he will take with him and receive him at home. In addition to the condition of having a passport, the earthquake victim will be asked to make a declaration that they are “ready to return to their country” after the three-month visa expires.

An important detail is that while earthquake victims are defined as “living in the earthquake zone”, the condition that the victim, for example, lost his home or remained under the rubble, is not required.

Earthquake survivors will be able to receive medical care, physiotherapy or psychological support, if needed, during their stay in Germany.

After the news that it would make it easier to get a visa, which was generally very positive, citizens of Turkish origin living in Germany began planning to bring their relatives to the earthquake area.

Gökay Sofuoğlu, President of the German-Turkish Community, also asked Germany and Turkey to do their best to process visa applications quickly.

Some comments, especially on social media, suggested that it could be weeks before the necessary documents are procured and submitted to German consulates and consulates in Turkey.

Similar visa steps from the Netherlands and Belgium

On the other hand, the Netherlands and Belgium also took action on an application similar to the one initiated by Germany. According to a statement made on the website of the Dutch government, it was stated that “priority visa appointments” would be provided to earthquake victims who wish to visit their relatives from Turkey.

Belgian Immigration and Asylum Minister Nicole de Moore announced that she had ordered the processing of visa applications from the region to be expedited. The Swiss State Secretariat for Migration said people whose homes were destroyed by the earthquakes should contact the Swiss Consulate General in Istanbul to benefit from the accelerated visa process.

A petition campaign has been launched in England to issue special visas to victims of the earthquake in Turkey, who have relatives in the country. It became known that if 100,000 signatures are collected under the petition, the request will be discussed in parliament.

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