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The International Labor Organization (ILO), a member organization of the United Nations (UN), and research organization Gallup discussed the situation of employees who experience harassment and violence in the workplace in their jointly produced comprehensive global report. The Experience of Workplace Violence and Harassment report, which was produced for the first time, stated that more than one fifth of workers worldwide are victims of harassment and violence.

75,000 people around the world took part in the study and answered questions. The latest study has been called the most comprehensive study of workplace harassment and violence and is considered the first in its field.

The International Labor Organization has stated that their goal in preparing this report is to provide a better understanding and awareness of the issue based on economic, social and cultural factors.

“It is very difficult to measure harassment and violence in the workplace”

The global survey assessed all aspects of the problem. While noting that violence and harassment in the workplace is difficult to measure, the study notes that only half of the victims worldwide have told another person about their experience, often after they have been repeatedly subjected to harassment and violence. It has been noted that abused people preferred to keep the violence and harassment they were subjected to because they were concerned about their reputation.

Globally, 17.9 percent of working men and women said they had experienced psychological violence and harassment at some point in their working lives, and 8.5 percent said they had experienced physical violence and harassment. Women were noted to be more vulnerable to violence and harassment than men.

“Women are sexually assaulted and harassed”

The International Labor Organization noted that 6.3 percent of the women who answered their questions had experienced sexual violence and harassment. According to studies, violence and harassment in the workplace is mainly directed at young people and immigrant workers. The study found that young women are twice as likely to experience sexual violence and abuse as young men. Working women and migrant girls are almost twice as likely to report sexual violence and harassment to others than non-immigrants. It was stated that more than three out of every five victims who participated in the study said that they had repeatedly experienced violence and harassment.

“Many people are harassed and abused not just once, but many times”

Manuela Tomei, Deputy Director General for Rights and Dialogues at the International Labor Organization, said it hurts to know that working people face violence and harassment not just once, but many times in their working lives in the workplace. Stating that psychological abuse and harassment is widespread in all countries, especially women are more susceptible to sexual abuse and harassment, Tomei said: “The latest research report shows us how difficult it is to end violence and harassment in the business world.”

“For the first time, the veil over a common problem has been lifted”

Andrew Rzepa, speaking on behalf of the research organization Gallup, which co-authored the study with the International Labor Organization, said: “This report lifts the veil for the first time on this widespread problem that affects one in five workers worldwide. For a long time, companies and organizations were either ignorant or reluctant to deal with violence and harassment in the workplace,” he said.

The report made the following recommendations to prevent harassment and violence in the workplace: “Regularly collect reliable data on violence and harassment in the workplace at the national, regional and global levels. To effectively prevent violence and harassment through workplace inspection systems, health and safety policies and programs Expand and continually update oversight mechanisms to manage and continually update Raise awareness of workplace violence and harassment Introduce various methods to change perceptions, attitudes and behaviors that may perpetuate violence and harassment, especially employees who experience discrimination. Ensuring improvement and support for employees through effective prevention methods. . Building the capacity of institutions at all levels to build worker confidence in justice and support victims.”

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