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A first step has been taken in a process initiated by the Van Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Van TSO) to designate the first Sunday in June each year as “World Breakfast Day” by UNESCO to promote Van’s breakfast culture.

It aims to raise awareness of the Van breakfast, which appeals to both the eyes and the stomach, with foods such as herb cheese, murtuga, kavut, scrambled eggs, tzatziki, milk cream, and Karakov honey.

To do this, in the city where 9 years ago the record of “the most crowded breakfast table in the world” was broken with the participation of 51,793 people, Van TSO passed the deadline for the official announcement of the first Sunday in June. as “World Breakfast Day” and included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The application was submitted to the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO last year.

The letter sent to Van TSO following the assessment informed that the request had been evaluated by the Cultural Heritage Specialization Committee of the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO and that the follow-up action of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the executive body, had been approved.

Van TSO President Necdet Takwa reminded AA that World Breakfast Day was celebrated with photos posted to social media accounts during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Recalling that in 2014 Van had “the world’s most crowded breakfast table”, Takwa said:

“We have made efforts to make this sustainable and take our traditional culture to a higher level. At this point, I am pleased to say that the UNESCO National Intangible Cultural Heritage Specialization Committee in Turkey has considered our request and it has been decided to follow the process of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We were excited to take another step towards bringing it to the world.”

Takwa noted that the event, which was held on the first Sunday of June, has been led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the past two years and stated that they are looking forward to the inclusion of a “World Breakfast Day”. to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in accordance with the designation of UNESCO.

“We are trying to make a difference with our own products”

Expressing that these efforts are important to Van’s breakfast branding, Takwa said:

“While the world lists inspiring records, Van Breakfast is one of them. It needs to be supported. We hope that the first Sunday of June will be celebrated as “World Breakfast Day” every year. Some provinces stand out for various products. Breakfast is not just a product, It is about a meal of about 20. There is no city known only for lunch or dinner, but only Van, famous for its breakfast. Therefore, this path we have chosen in terms of cultural value will turn products that are components of breakfast into marketable products. “Provinces and countries are in a lot of competition. We must raise the works that matter in this competition to a higher level.”

Manager Aydin Akar said, “Wan’s breakfast has dozens of varieties. The most popular of them are murtuga, cheese with herbs, kavut and roast beef. We have guests who come to our city for daily breakfasts. The UNESCO World Breakfast Day announcement made us happy and encouraged. This work will allow Wang breakfast to take the place it deserves.” said.

Ilkay Eligit from Adana, who came to Van, said that breakfast in Van is different from breakfast in other cities.

Noting that both the city and its breakfast are very good, Eligit said, “There are many varieties and different flavors for breakfast. Van breakfast represents not only Van, but also our country. These are completely natural products. be on the way to UNESCO”. used phrases.

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