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Turkey has accused the Greek Cypriot administration of escalating tensions after a consortium of Italian and French energy companies discovered natural gas resources off an island in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Tanju Bilgich said that Cyprus’ natural gas activities are being carried out unilaterally and that the rights of Turks in Cyprus are being violated.

“It is out of the question for any country, company or vessel to explore and produce hydrocarbons on our continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean without our permission,” Bilgich said.

Bilgić said that the escalation of tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean is not in the interests of either side.

The Cyprus Ministry of Energy announced Wednesday that a consortium of Italy’s Eni and France’s TotalEnergies has discovered new sources of natural gas off the coast of Cyprus.

About 2-3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas has been discovered in the Zeus-1 well in the offshore zone known as Area 6, according to a statement made Wednesday by the two companies and the Greek Cypriot Energy Authority.

Turkey often criticizes Cyprus’ natural gas exploration program because of the discussions about the continental shelf.

The internationally recognized Greek administration of Cyprus claims to represent the entire island and denies the allegations.

Turkey does not recognize Greek administration in Cyprus. Peace efforts between the two sides have failed in recent years.

The discovery of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean in the last decade has made the region an alternative energy source for Europe. However, claims to natural resources cause disputes between neighboring countries.

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