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EU countries are preparing to provide this country with new financial assistance in the war in Ukraine, which is approaching its first year.

Speaking at the entrance to a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels today, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell said he hoped member states would approve a new €500 million tranche of military aid to Ukraine.

Speaking before the entrance to the meeting, Borrell said he hoped the 27 EU members would come to an agreement on funds, called the European Peace Fund.

Diplomatic sources told Reuters that the ministers are also working on a 10th package of sanctions against Ukraine, which will come into force next month, but no decision on the issue is expected on Monday.

Today’s ministerial meeting will discuss how Russian assets frozen in Europe due to sanctions can be used to help Ukraine rebuild after the war.

European foreign ministers are expected to add more people to the sanctions list against Iran for human rights violations. However, Borrell said the bloc could not list him as a terrorist until an EU court ruled that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was a terrorist organization.

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