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Turkey’s foreign missions are continuing their humanitarian aid efforts to heal the wounds in the region hit by the Kahramanmaras earthquake, which is called the “catastrophe of the century.”

Messages about measures to provide assistance to the victims of the earthquake were posted on the social networks of foreign representatives of Turkey.

The Turkish Consulate General in Sydney said that 2 tons of medical supplies had been prepared as part of their relief activities and that all aid would go to Turkey on February 16.

After the earthquake, the Consulate General of Hamburg began work to provide assistance to non-governmental organizations, and a relief train was sent on its way.

The Turkish Embassy in Tirana recalled that Albania was one of the first countries to provide assistance to Turkey after the earthquake, and that national mourning was declared in Albania on February 13, and shared the numbers of assistance.

The Warsaw Embassy said that so far 6 trucks have been sent to Turkey from Warsaw and various cities, and 5 containers with toilets and bathrooms will be sent to Turkey.

The Embassy in Sofia shared information on the current state of relief activities in Bulgaria after the earthquake.

The Embassy in Tbilisi continues to provide assistance to the Embassy, ​​Turkish citizens, businessmen and Georgian society to heal the wounds of citizens affected by the earthquake. To date, 38 trucks with humanitarian aid have been sent from Georgia to Turkey.

Great interest in the aid campaign from Azerbaijanis

The Turkish Embassy in Rome has launched relief activities throughout Italy after the earthquake.

While the Skopje Embassy loaded 25 tons of food and hygiene products and 4,000 blankets to be delivered to the Red Crescent in Gaziantep, 2 trucks were sent from the Macedonian Red Cross Center.

While the embassy in Baku is conducting an intensive relief campaign in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijanis are actively involved in relief activities.

With the coordination of the embassy in Bern, the Turkish community in Switzerland continues at full speed to provide assistance to citizens affected by the earthquake.

The embassy in Helsinki shared information about the relief effort in Finland and stated that 4 shipments of aid had been sent to disaster areas and that aid had been delivered to AFAD.

While the Consulate General of Hannover is sending aid raised by NGOs to Turkey with THY, 12 trucks and 3 train cars, relief efforts continue.

Turkish Ambassador to Ljubljana Aylin Tashan said: “The help did not stop for several days, our phones did not turn off. The Slovenian media help us spread our needs among the general public through various publications.” said.

Ambassador Gülnur Aybet, Turkey’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), said they saw the “incredible solidarity” of the diplomatic community at UNESCO and that they had collected parcels needed for earthquake relief from a permanent representation there.

The embassy in Minsk said that the citizens of Belarus left flowers in front of the Turkish embassy in memory of those killed in the earthquake and conveyed messages of solidarity.

Ambassador Mustafa Ozcan said that 50 tons of humanitarian aid donated by Belarus to Turkey were delivered to Turkey by military aircraft of this country.

The Stockholm Embassy said that a total of 15 trucks with humanitarian aid will be delivered from Sweden to Turkey.

The Embassy in London provided information on the relief activities and work carried out by Turkish citizens and associations.

Turkish Ambassador to New Delhi Firat Sunel said that the Indian people have shown great interest in the relief campaigns and that the collected humanitarian materials will be packed at the embassy and sent to Adana today for delivery to AFAD.

The Komotini Consulate General said more than 20 trucks and many cars from Greece were brought to Turkey in the form of aid in kind, as well as by air and sea.

The Consulate General of Athens-Piraeus thanked the Greek authorities and people for the support and solidarity gathered in the earthquake areas.

The Consulate General of Barcelona has shared information that 30 tons of humanitarian aid has been sent to Turkey and that humanitarian aid is still in storage for delivery, and that the Spaniards and Catalans continue to send aid.

In a message shared by the Pristina embassy, ​​“Friends become clear on a dark day! After the earthquake, we will mobilize the aid they have collected with great devotion through the associations of our Kosovo relatives and friends and bring them to the disaster areas.” used phrases.

The Consulate General of Batumi delivered 113 tons of humanitarian aid to Turkey, consisting of tents, blankets, food and other needs, on 5 trucks and other vehicles.

In a statement from the Consulate General in London: “From the first day of the earthquake, our citizens in England, our NGOs, our associations and our students showed great solidarity.” It was stated that British companies, British citizens and foreign groups were very supportive of the aid raised.

Aktau Consulate General: “Today we sent 1.5 tons of humanitarian aid delivered by our Kazakh brothers to Turkey. Together we are stronger.” he shared.

The embassy in Kyiv said: “We are bandaging our wounds together.” He shared the video using his expressions. The video stated that a search and rescue group consisting of 2 aircraft, 17 cars and 87 people was sent to Turkey, the support of the Ukrainian people was felt and the Ukrainians provided material assistance, despite the fact that they were in trouble. war.

While the embassy in Riga continued its efforts to bring aid to Turkey, Latvia provided cash assistance immediately after the earthquake.

The Embassy of Tashkent stated that after the earthquake, the administration of Uzbekistan took measures and began activities to provide assistance to those affected by the earthquake.

A message released by the Colombo embassy said that the Sri Lankan government donated 1.5 tons of tea and said: “We want to warm our souls struggling to survive in freezing weather and with our gratitude to Sri Lanka. expressions were used.

A relief campaign launched immediately after the earthquake outside the Dublin embassy was reported to have collected more than 50 tons of humanitarian supplies.

The Lisbon embassy said that humanitarian materials sent to the disaster area on the ninth day of the earthquake exceeded 10 tons and thanked everyone who participated in the relief campaign and voluntarily supported the embassy.

The Consulate General of Cologne has collected tons of aid materials with the support of non-governmental organizations, citizens and business people.

In addition, Turkish Embassies in Beirut, Prague, Djibouti, Belgrade, Punom Pen, Pretoria, Oslo, Chisinau, Nicosia, Tallinn, Podgorica, Kabul, Valletta, Mexico, Bogota, Bangkok, Deventer, Bordeaux, Rotterdam, Paris, Manchester, Zurich . Consulates General in Milan, Thessaloniki, Boston, Plovdiv, Amsterdam, Houston, Hyderabad, Los Angeles and Karlsruhe also shared their relief efforts.

The social media posts were liked and shared by Turkish citizens and foreigners and received comments.

Humanitarian aid materials collected from foreign missions are delivered to collection centers in Turkey by Turkish Airlines (THY) and ground transportation.

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