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Since Friday, about 200 young immigrants have pitched tents in the heart of Paris, on the Palais Royal in front of the Council of State and the Louvre. The immigrants, all of whom claim to be under the age of 18, are asking for urgent asylum. The Justice Department has launched a judicial investigation to determine the true age of the immigrants and has yet to respond to their inquiries.

Tourists who come to visit the Louvre also join this mess. While some tourists continue to take pictures against the backdrop of the Louvre, some are trying to understand why immigrants set up tents in this particular area.

Like tourists, the views of people living in one of the most luxurious areas of Paris differ from each other. Some pause and chat with them; some speed up their steps to get away from them as soon as possible. One group works with associations that help them.

Responding to questions from the Turkish VOA, young people from Guinea, Cameroon and Afghanistan covered their faces with ski masks. Instead of talking to the camera, the young immigrants only start talking about their hard journey of hope when the cameras are off.

They say they want to get an education, they want to succeed, they are ready for anything. However, the young men, who for 6 months set up makeshift camps under bridges and on the side of a highway in the suburb of Ivry near Paris, first waited to be spotted in the camps they called “Liberte”.

However, when no one heard their voices after 6 months, they decided to make their voices heard by heading to the heart of Paris as winter conditions approached.

With the support of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and immigrant aid organizations such as Utopia 56, they pitched their tents in one of the most luxurious areas of Paris, on the square between the Palace of Cassation and the Louvre. Next to it are the Constitutional Court, the Ministry of Culture and the historic Comedie Français theater founded by Molière.

Young immigrants have been trying to attract attention for 4 days by setting up tents in front of the media, authorities, tourists, artists and legislators. Some left-wing MPs and municipal officials also visit the youth and try to help them.

“It snowed in Paris this morning”

Doctors Without Borders began to worry about the health of these young people as winter conditions approached. Speaking to VOA in Turkish, MSF and de France coordinator Dr. F. Fabienne Revillo said: “We are now feeling the effects of the cold. All these young people are under the age of 18. They came to the center of Paris to announce their call from Ivry.

They’ve been here since Friday. But their health is getting worse and worse. We did 40 checks yesterday. There are numerous cases of tuberculosis, colds, tonsillitis and influenza. We took 10 of them to the intensive care unit. But their mental health is deteriorating more than their physical health.

It is very difficult for them to be outside and see that nothing is moving forward. “Most of them are introverts, they don’t even talk,” he said.

Stating that weather conditions in Paris are deteriorating and that it is snowing in the city this morning, Dr. Fabien Revillo, lawsuit awaiting immigrants: “These young people have been on the streets for 6 months now.

In order to place these young people in an orphanage, the judiciary must determine their minor status. They will then appear before a judge in the juvenile court in the Île-de-France district. If they confirm that they are minors, they will be taken to shelters,” he said.

Charities are mobilizing

Associations for helping migrants make great efforts to meet the needs of young people. When it began to get dark, hot food was served.

Immigrants who receive provisions consisting of soup, rice pilaf, a meat dish and salad also receive assistance from associations for their clothing and hygiene needs.

Joining volunteers to help immigrant youth in the Ivry camp, Jean Charles draws attention to the hard struggle of youth in the camp between life and death to reach France.

Claiming that he started helping about 300 young people as a local when they settled in the Ivry camp, Jean Charles explains that he works every day for 2 months helping immigrants.

He continues as follows:

“No one saw them in Ivry, they were completely abandoned. We have contacted the governor’s office many times. But the governorship did not answer us. museum. 80 percent of the youth are from West Africa. 20 percent of them are Afghans. These are children under the age of 18. They risked their lives to go so far. They endured incredible hardships. According to international agreements, they must be protected immediately, because that they are underage. Now we are waiting for this from the judiciary.”

Immigrant youth, sleeping on the street for months, continues to wait in the middle of Paris for recognition of their legal status and the dream of a warm room.

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