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Onay Kasap is one of the names on the streets of England as it prepares to end 2022 with successive strikes.

Born and raised in England to Cypriot immigrants, Onay Kasap spoke to the Turkish Voice of America about the British trade union movement, which he witnessed for almost 40 years.

As a result of the endless stubbornness of railroad workers and the government, the rising tide of strikes has engulfed firefighters, ambulance crews, nurses, young doctors, lawyers, and most sectors working in the private or public sector.

According to Onay Kasap, who is the national leader of the United Union and has been a guest on live broadcasts of British news channels in recent days, the reason for these massive actions is that the government single-handedly bears the burden of the current crisis. on employees.

Butcher pointed out that the top 350 UK companies have profited from the epidemic according to their announced figures, but continued to raise prices for the products and services they provide.

The leader of the union said it was unfair to put forward workers who took to the streets demanding higher wages as the sole cause of inflation when the companies wanted more.

Claiming that they have so far signed 450 strikes as a union and 80 per cent of them have been victorious, Kasap boasted that this success had put an additional £200m into workers’ pockets.

Kasap said the successful results boosted employee self-confidence and increased participation in strikes.

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