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The Russian parliament has passed for the third and final consideration a bill extending the ban on LGBT propaganda to children of all ages.

Situations or actions on the Internet, in films, in books, in advertisements or in public that are perceived as homosexual propaganda under the bill can be fined heavily.

The fine is 400,000 rubles ($6,600) for individuals and 5 million rubles ($82,100) for institutions. Foreigners can be sentenced to 15 days of arrest and deportation from the country.

Critics of the bill say it is aimed at further suppressing and humiliating sexual minorities in Russia. In Russia, authorities are blocking gay marches and detaining gay rights activists in accordance with existing laws.

The legislators say they stand for morality “against the decaying values ​​promoted by the West.” However, rights groups say such laws are designed to ban the representation of minorities such as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the public sphere.

Alexander Khinshtein, one of the sponsors of the bill, said in a statement last month: “LGBT is an element of the ongoing mixed war today. We have to protect our values, our society and our children from this.”

An LGBT network offering legal aid called the bill “bullshit” and said its goal is to exclude and humiliate the LGBT community.

Video-sharing platform TikTok was fined 3 million rubles last month for promoting an LGBT-themed video in Russia. The Russian Media Observatory also called on all publishing houses to remove from sale books containing LGBT propaganda.

The bill must be approved by the upper house of parliament and signed by President Vladimir Putin before it can take effect.

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